Matthew 24:14 – “And this Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it, and then, finally, the end will come.” L.B.


Small solar-powered portable radios, we call Portable Missionaries, are fix-tuned to existing Christian radio stations and are now being delivered to the most remote villages where no electricity exists.

Villagers will soon hear the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time in their own language.

smSolarPowered-RadioPortable Missionaries are delivered by air drops, sail boats, canoes, jeeps, horseback, back packs and soon, even in lunch boxes.

Portable Missionaries find their way into the homes of villagers, some who live in caves and adobe huts in the high rugged mountains or in thatched palm roof bungalows in the jungles. Their extended native families place the Portable Missionary at the center of a wooden table in their home, and with a smile on their face gather around to listen to Christian songs and messages.

Portable Missionaries are manufactured (fix-tuned) to the nearest Christian radio station. They don’t have a dial—only an on-off switch. When they turn on the Portable Missionary they hear about Jesus Christ and eventually open their hearts to Him.

Various steps need to be taken if a Christian radio station does not exist.

First, we need to find a group of Christians who are interested in building a radio station.

Second, we coach them in forming a Civil Association consisting of attorneys, accountants, doctors, businessmen, and women.

Third, we coach the association in filing an application with the Secretary of Communications and walk with them through the process until they receive their permit to build a radio station.

Fourth, we interact with government agencies to facilitate and expedite their building permit.

Fifth, we facilitate and coordinate the acquisition of studio equipment, transmitters, engineering, towers, antennas, and the training of their staff.

Sixth, we work together with other ministries who would like to participate in building the radio stations so those in the remote regions of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America can hear the Good News that God loves them and invites them to live with Him eternally.

, We facilitate, coordinate and develop radio programming. There is a wide variety of good Christian programming readily available. Satellites provide Christian programming 24 hours-a-day that is beamed down to a radio station by the simple flip of a switch. Stephen Keel, was an associate of Radio Encounter, he developed a unique half-hour program, “A Proverb A Day.” This program uses the Proverbs of Solomon and skillfully weaves in the Gospel to teach English as a second language to Spanish speakers and Spanish as a second language to dialect speakers. Besides Creole and Spanish, “A Proverb A Day” is being considered for translation into various native dialects.

Eighth, once a radio station is built and programmed, the Portable Missionaries are manufactured (fix-tuned) to the signal of the radio station and delivered to the anxious and eager audience so they can enjoy listening to God’s message of love in music and in words.



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A Proverb A Day


Mobile Evangelism


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1960 – Michael Escalante went to the mountains of Colorado, USA, upon his discharge from the US Naval Air Force, he went to pray about the purpose God had for his life. Three weeks later the Lord told him that the purpose God had for his life was for a short period of time, just before the Lord returned, and that he would be working with hundreds and thousands of Hispanics. God then showed him a young boy walking up a remote hill somewhere in Mexico, listening to a small portable radio.

1985 – Michael and Dennis Anderson, formed Praise Broadcasting Network, Inc., acquired two radio stations, and developed a music format that draws the listener right into the intimate presence of Jesus Christ.

1989 – Allan McGuirl heard that HCJB, TWR, ELWA and FEBC agreed to work together to reach people groups, numbering 1,000,000 or more around the world. Allan wanted to build little radios to reach these people. Allan, along with Ken Crowell and Harold Kent, who had the same desire, formed Galcom International, and began to build the little fix-tuned, solar-power portable radios.

1998 – While attending the National Religious Broadcasters Conference in Washington DC, Michael and Denny met Allan McGuirl who in turn introduced them to his “Portable Missionary”; the fix-tuned, solar power portable radio he was manufacturing. Michael realized technology now existed for the little boy the Lord showed him 38 years earlier, in 1960, he could now have his radio.

2001 – Michael formed Radio Encounter International, Inc., in order to focus more intently on planting radio stations, distribute fix-tuned, solar-powered portable radios and broadcast into the remote villages of Mexico and Latin America.

2003 – At the request of three pastors and a donor, Michael was invited to establish a base of operations in Mexico. On January 27, 2003, Radio Encuentro Internacional México, A.C., was established with the purpose of broadcasting into the most remote areas of Mexico.

2004 – Stephen Keel became an Associate of Radio Encounter International, Inc. bringing with him his vast expertise in programming and technology development. He developed 270 half hour programs, ‘A Proverb A Day’, for sharing the gospel while teaching the English language. He also developed cell phone broadcasting which he called the ‘Mobile Evangelist’. Stephen is now watching from heaven as Nancy, his wife, through BibleTransmission continues to enhance the cell phone ministry by programming cell phone chips with the New Testament, the Jesus Movie and audio bibles in the many languages and dialects of the world.

2011 – Ernesto Pinto became an Associate of Radio Encounter International, Inc. bringing with him his radio program, ‘Encuentro’, and TV program, ‘180 Grados’, in which he interviews people who came out of horrible life situations that others won’t talk about, discovers the moment they encounter Jesus, and finds out the difference it has made in their lives.

Michael continues to serve as President of Radio Encounter International, Inc., and Radio Encuentro Internacional México, A.C., facilitating and coordinating the development of strategies and technologies to broadcast the Good News of Jesus Christ.